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second hand help

A guide on second hand bikes:

Plenty of people have purchased our bikes second hand and still receive our attention and guidance.

If you are looking at this option please note our bikes will last a lifetime with the proper maintenance (excluding batteries) this includes needing regular brake and gear adjustments and keep to tyres up to the correct pressure.

Our batteries can last many years but once older will no longer have the range it used to, please bear this in mind as a new battery costs around £300 which will add on to the purchase price.

You are more than welcome to ask us for advice when looking at second hand bikes as certain features can give us a clue on what age the bike is liable to be. A battery that doesn’t turn on with a key is a much older model anywhere from 12-18 years old.

A 24v bike is going to be around 8 – 12 years old

A 36v bike with a throttle grip on the right and a red rocker switch button with O,E,A is around 3-18 years old

A 36v bike with the power meter on the left can be up to 3 years old

You can always send the bike to us if its not working for around £20 and we can diagnose and quote for any repairs needed

Please note our warranty does not extend past the original purchaser of the bike.