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ELECTROBIKE PLUS 26" - out of stock

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Here is our Electrobike Plus:
Introducing our  folding 26” wheel electric bike. With the same specification as our Electrobike Mk3 you can have a full size bicycle for more comfort while still being able to fold it away.It has a full 6 speed shimano gear system  and heavy duty v brakes. It also has a quick release lithium battery fitted with power indicator. The bike has a completely aluminium frame to allow for weight reduction and front suspension. On the throttle is a rocker switch which allows you to select what power mode you want and if you want any power at all. The 36v battery on this bike gives you have a range of approx 30 miles on a full charge but this is while using the power all the time so as long as you pedal the flat or downhill without power the range could easily be Increased to approx 50 to 60 miles.
Comes with a comfort seat as standard .
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Nilesh Jogia-coventry -5 Stars

Had the bike for 3 months now and am really pleased with both the bike and the service from Peter and the team. Peter ensured that I was comfortable riding after a recent hip replacement and changed the handlebars to a more comfortable style . The bike is well built and rides well and the motor makes hills light work. The after sales service is also excellent..

Dorothy Bowe-Silecroft Cumbria-5 Stars

Still going strong from 2011

My husband bought this in 2011. At 88 now he has lost his confidence and only swims and walks short distances now.

I cycle but at 70 wanted to go that little bit further. We live in the Lake District so are surrounded by hills and need a little assist. This bike is the 26 inch and my only criticism of it is it is quite heavy to load on a high up bike rack . So we changed our rack to a tow bar rack and this is much easier. We have taken it all over France too.

I now use it 9 years later and love it.

Maz9624-East Midlands-5 Stars

Perfect - meets all my requirements and then some

I'd been eyeing up ebikes for a while and liked this one when I saw it at the NEC Camping and Caravan show in February 2020. I managed to visit the asbikes premises just before 'lockdown' to test ride and was very impressed. I love that the bike freewheels for ages, and that you can set it to manual mode if you want to, which to begin with I thought I would, but having owned it for about 7 weeks now, I've got to grips with and love pedal assist. It is a heavy bike and that does take some getting used to, but the convenience of folding it and putting it into the car is great and it's given me the ability to ride for much longer periods of time and distance than I would have done on my 'manual' bike.

This has been well thought out, little tweaks like folding pedals and the seat tilting to allow ease of access to the battery, really good build quality etc all make it extremely good value for money and I believe it's going to be very long lasting. I took the bike to a well known retailer to have the tires slimed and after their initial disappointment that I hadn't purchased a bike from them (I explained that they couldn't currently meet my needs, large wheels, off road facility, folding) they were very impressed with the welds and build quality too.

I'm looking forward to meeting the team at various events for servicing too as they're a lovely bunch of people

Thank you AS BIKES :-)

Julian Preston-Welford, Northamptonshire-5 Stars

Bought this at the Newbury show for my good ladies birthday (today). Had to keep it in the boot of my car all weekend but finally got to set it up this morning. Took it for a test ride around the village and had a huge smile on my face! I had to take it for another 2 test rides before letting her loose on it! Her maiden ride was a 10 mile circuit we both used to do when we were much younger and much fitter! It's very hilly, especially the last 1/2 mile all uphill. It's a game changer. We've all heard about them but until you've tried it for yourself, you really won't appreciate how good they are. Pete, who designs, builds and sells them is a legend. He'll talk the hind legs off a donkey, sew them back on and talk them off again but he clearly knows what he's talking about! Gives you absolute confidence in the product and the service backup which is so often lacking in todays world.

I can't stop smiling and neither can she!!