Heading 3



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Fully folding electric tricycle

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26" wheeled electrobike plus

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20" wheeled electrobike MK3



Having been in business for over 20 years we know exactly how to make you feel comfortable and haven't yet found a challenge we couldn't solve. We are excellent mechanics available to help keep your bike running smoothly having previously run a  speedway motorbike shop for 13 years and a large village garage for 10 years.


We are a family based business and we pride ourselves on being able to offer you the best after sales service. We have been around a long time now and this is important as we see new companies arrive every year full of promises and special offers and they nearly all go out of business within a very short time. You then find yourself left with a bike which has no spares or service. We spend no money on advertising because our customers become our advertising.


If you are at a Motorhome show you will see hundreds of people on our bikes please stop anyone and ask them if they are happy and what our service is like. We do our very best to give you old fashioned service that’s long disappeared  because each of our customers is our best chance of another sale in the future.